We assure every driveway receives our 5 step process, with quality and care 







We begin by trimming of all the grass on the edge of the driveway, ensuring that we expose the entire asphalt to be sealed. Secondly, we do a complete power blow and brush, removing any caked on debris or dirt from the driveway. Giving the driveway a clean, ready to seal asphalt surface.



Crack Filling

Zeal-Tek Driveway Sealing ensures that we clean the cracks to the right depth, allowing it to stick correctly. Depending on the width of the crack we would use cold crack filler for anything 1/2 inch, anything above we recommend using hot crack filler. We maintain and level it to the surface of the asphalt to prevent moisture and water from seeping into the crack, causing further damage. 



Protection (non-asphalt)

Zeal-Tek Driveway Sealing assure we use 2 inch tape on all interlocking, house, curb or any other part of an area that's not asphalt. As an additional protection, we also use boards, preventing over spray. 



Oil-Base Sealant

 We then apply an oil-based sealants on your asphalt driveway starting with the corners and edges. Once this is completed, we move on to applying sealer with ceramic tips #2, giving you a uniform and thicker layer than most companies. The techniques we use over the years are essential for the application of sealants. Having a clean tip, walking with the right speed and understanding how much to overlap without causing any streaks or lines are essential to a beautiful uniform look. We buy our sealant straight from Mc Asphalt, it is the best sealant on the market. 


Step 5

Marking Off

Our final step we mark off your driveway preventing anyone from walking or driving on it, we recommend to leave the flag tape for 48 hours to assure the cracks and sealant is cured. 

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