Ottawa's premier driveway sealing



Zeal-Tek Driveway Sealing has more than a decade of experience in sealing driveways. We are a leader in sealing, residential and commercial asphalt.


ZEAL-TEK DRIVEWAY SEALING is one of OTTAWA's top sealers, we treat every driveway like it's our own. Our customer service and workmanship has allowed us to establish and maintain this over the years. Our attention to detail and our systematic approach from start to finish set us apart from our competitor.



Zeal-Tek Driveway Sealing is Ottawa's premier driveway sealing company. We perform seal coating for a variety of commercial and industrial driveways throughout Ottawa and surrounding area.


Our Sealcoating services focus on helping homeowners save money and improve the quality of their paved surfaces. At Zeal-Tek Driveway Sealing, we understand that regular maintenance can help extend the life of your property. Our approach is to work with you to provide you with maintenance services that can save you money over time.


We only use the highest quality materials when sealing your driveway. For all our sealing work, we use an oil-based product, the most durable sealant in the industry. By using this durable sealant, homeowners should only have to perform sealing work every two to three years, on average.


For each of our work, we go through OUR FIVE-STEP PROCESS to ensure the best quality results. First, we evaluate your property, determine if sealing is the right solution and record any damage. If asphalt sealing is appropriate for your asphalt driveway, we will work with you to find an appropriate time for your schedule.


 Sealing can save money, enhance appearance, and prevent damage. If you are a commercial or residential property owner with an asphalt driveway, contact ZEAL-TEK DRIVEWAY SEALING today to find out how we can help improve your property.