Spring is HERE !!

Finally spring has arrived, I didn't think it was going to come, longest winter ever. Having that type of winter, we highly recommend doing a complete clean and filling of any cracks that occurred over the winter. Ottawa winters put a lot of stress to your driveway, from sand, salt and freeze and thaw cycle. I see driveway sealing as a preventive maintenance  plan.


Filling of any cracks with our rubberized formula is crucial, it prevents water from seeping thru the crack and getting underneath creating a pocket and eroding the rock. Filling in the cracks prevents sinking of asphalt and slowing down the crack from expanding.  


Water and oil spills are the enemy to your driveway, Our oil base product from http://www.mcasphalt.com is by far the most superior from repelling oil and water. Our driveway is made up of oil and rock (bitumen) so it would only make sense to use an oil base product. It absorbs in the pores of your driveway, unlike any acrylic product which sits on top and "caps" your driveway.


With our 5 step process we treat all driveways like it's our own, we take the time and patience to get it right and assure there is no over spray, giving you a sharp clean look. 


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    Ken Bradley (Thursday, 18 April 2019 05:53)

    How long will the driveway remain black after the seal ?

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    Owner (Monday, 22 April 2019 19:39)

    Hi Ken,
    The driveway sealing will remain a matte black for two years, we use a #3 tip allowing a thicker coat with out visual overlaps.

    Hope this helps
    Thanks a lot